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Monthly Archives: January 2011

The Only Way is Essex: Amy Childs

Is Essex really the only way?

All the characters, or ‘real people’ as the titles like to emphasise, have annoying sides to them.

Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil 5

Playing this sequel feels like you’ve made a decision to date the prettier sister, but over dinner realised that she is brain-numbingly stupid

“I’ll have a rugby ball, scalpel, and some clunge please, mate”

Joe McGinn takes a critical look at uni Rugby culture.


What are the alternatives?

With the results of the government’s Comprehensive Spending Review now published, Sarah McCulloch considers potential alternatives to the impending spending cuts. From getting rid of…

Manchester Literature Festival- Grimm Reading

In a back room at Manchester’s Cornerhouse, a small audience was joined by a panel of three authors who have all won awards in the field of horror fiction.

Manchester Literature Festival- Face 2 Face with Heidi Thomas

Thomas is an award winning script writer for both television and stage.


Combined Studies students left to ponder their future after the discipline is dropped

Combined studies will no longer be offered as a degree option by the University of Manchester. The course will be phased out, allowing this year’s new undergraduates to complete their final year, but no candidates will be admitted in 2011/12.

The course allowed students to study in two separate and otherwise unrelated academic areas. The first year of the course featured a mandatory volunteering project, where students raised money and awareness for charities in Manchester both nationally and internationally.

Students were not informed about the possibility of the course being withdrawn until the decision was finalised. In the final weeks of the last academic year, students were shown around the potential location for a new combined studies common room, and encouraged to give their feedback.

In July, new and returning students were sent a letter informing them that “following a review of the programme by the Faculty of Humanities[…] Combined Studies will admit its final cohort of first year students in 2010.


Eric Carlin says the way the givernment handled Prof Nutt's dismissal was 'bizarre'

We didn’t make a fuss in case they abolished us – former drugs advisor

In an exclusive interview, David Nutt’s colleague tells The Mancunion about being ‘told off’ for criticising government drug policy

Interview: Everything Everything

Music Editor Eoghan Bennett chats to front man Jonathan Higgs ahead of two very special gigs. There’s a rumour that you’re back in the studio?…

5000 protesters bring Manchester to a standstill

An estimated 5,000 students from Manchester’s universities and colleges marched through the city centre last week. Lecturers, parents, and local politicians joined students in bringing Oxford Road to a standstill.

Voting Referendum: Yes or No?

Voting is underway to determine whether future Union policy should be decided by an online voting system.

In memorial: Tom Hurndall

Tom Hurndall, a Manchester Metropolitan University student, was shot and killed by an Israeli sniper in April 2003. Hurndall was a photographer, and a member of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), an organisation that use non-violent protest against the Israeli military in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.