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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Protesters in Albert Square, Manchester. Photo: Stevie Spiegl

‘They told me they would beat me if we didn’t leave’

Oxfam activists converged on Albert Square this week to protest against landgrabbing in developing countries

Police are appealing for witnesses after a man fell from a moving car

Man falls out of moving car during ‘assault’

Details of the incident are not clear but two women have been charged with assault

Only a quarter of students at some of the best universities are eligible for bursaries

Higher bursaries fail to attract poorer applicants

More than 20 universities failed to reach target levels for attracting poor students, despite the offer of means-tested awards


Top Hat, White Tie and Tails

Review: Top Hat at The Lowry

Manchester Eggs


National favourite gets a local remake

A man has been arrested for theft after David Schofield died chasing the thief who stole his mobile phone. Photo credit: Jonathan Whiting

Man who died chasing thief: suspect found

A man has been arrested for theft after David Schofield died chasing the thief who stole his mobile phone

Engineers at Southampton are to study how to design drones. Photo credit: US Navy

Engineers first to study drone design

Students on the masters course at Southampton are the first to be taught how to design unmanned aerial vehicles

Saint Mary’s hospital has stopped offering free formula milk in a bid to encourage new mothers to breastfeed.

Formula milk banned in Manchester hospital

A Manchester hospital is to stop giving out formula milk to encourage new mothers to breastfeed

Adam Cunningham photographs the SMEAR 3 Jam in Otterburn Close, the summer of 1996. He remembers 'annoying drunken Hulme crusties' crowding his view.

Hulme is where the art is (Web Exclusive)

Hulme’s currently pleasant and middle-class face masks a hidden past of cultural rejection and dissent – so much so that it became the underground Mecca of all things creative, including and especially graffiti.

Graffiti covers some of the damage in the window at Dawsons music shop on Portland St.

Graffiti Special – A short history of graffiti in Manchester

From the riot-provoked graffiti that recently graced walls near you, we traced the way back to the explosion of graffiti in Manchester in student-friendly Hulme in the late 80s.

Plans would be paid for by reversing tax cuts for banks and asking higher earning students to pay more.

Labour would cut tuition fees by a third, says Miliband

The universities minister and the NUS say the policy will not encourage poorer students to enrol


Society Spotlight: MUSEA

The University’s only Arts society, offering regular life drawing and other events for the arty farty