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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Lavish: Gaddafi steps off his $120 million private jet, paid for by Libya's vast oil riches

“Every Libyan should be rich” – how Gaddafi squandered oil trillions

Fahim Sachedina explains how the late Colonel Gaddafi wasted Libya’s oil riches – but looks forward to a brighter future for a neglected people

Confident: François Hollande's poll ratings seem to indicate that he will snatch the French presidency from Nicolas Sarkozy come May 2012

Stage set as France prepares to cast judgement on Sarkozy

Thomas Turner takes a look at the race to win the French presidency with less than six months until polling day

Unimpressed by the view. Al Baker, 1996

From past to a present – fabled Al Baker spun us a yarn. WEB EXCLUSIVE

Remember Hulme estate’s torrid to tepid past? Well if you don’t (or you do), read on. Because we couldn’t resist asking the resident lens-witness of…

Manchester left mournful after Liverpool’s lightning netball display

Date: Wednesday 19th October 2011

Venue: Armitage Sports Centre

Score: Liverpool 1st 50- 37 Manchester 3rd

The Wombats+

Live: The Wombats @ Apollo

The Wombats have managed to stand the test of time and tonight’s gig proves exactly why they are so popular.


Album: Girls – Father, Son, Holy Ghost

Second album from indie rock band Girls continues to channel the 60’s sunshine pop of Roy Orbison and the Beach Boys.

Peak District - Jonny Whiting

Places to go, people to see…

Break away from the comforts of Oxford Road and see what else is out there.


Debate 2: Ban non-therapeutic infant male circumcision

In Britain it is accepted wisdom that female circumcision on minors (now widely referred to as female genital mutilation) is in effect child abuse. How…

Credit- Angus MacRae

Feature: Bombay Bicycle Club

Prior to their Apollo show, we were lucky enough to catch up with Jamie and Suren to hear about their tour, new album, and potential solo plans.

Dewey Defeats Truman

The internet and the press: A happy marriage or grounds for divorce?

Coverage of recent news events has led to concern over the impact of the internet on the press. Has it been a benefit or a hindrance?


Is It Time For A “Fat-Tax”?

As Denmark implements taxation to reducing obesity, and Cameron suggests a similar move here, we must question whether it is the right thing to do.


Debate 2: Defending circumcision

Circumcision is a practice which has been debated for thousands of years, but to forcibly prevent it from happening would be wrong.