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Daily Archives: 17th November 2011

Lando and Boba have a chat

A little long for a Stormtrooper

In a vain attempt to continue our series of ‘every _____ film in a day’, my flatmate and I decided attempting to watch every Star Wars film in, indeed, a day. Yes we are crazy. That’s two trilogies, totalling about 12 ½ hours. 12 ½ hours of lightsabers, but thankfully, only two hours of Jar Jar Binks. We were going to have to start early. I remarked that we probably couldn’t do it, that our chances were 4,756 to one, but Mickey was having none of it: ‘Never tell me the odds’ he said.

Greece- The root of all the financial problems in Europe?

Greece’s gloom explained

“it is like asking Student Finance to accept that they’ll only be receiving half their initial loans that they lent all students.”

Oshima DVD Collection

Nagisa Oshima Collection

DVD Release


Top 5: Bruces

Jess Higham counts down her Top 5 movie Bruces

Norman Finkelstein addressing his audience last week: he believes Jewish students played a role in moving his speech off campus. Photo: Jonathan Whiting

‘Holocaust industry’ speaker sparks another Israel row

Norman Finkelstein talk moved off campus after University imposes ‘last-minute and unfair’ conditions

Picture 1

Manchester find the right formula to edge local derby

University of Manchester Men’s 1st XI – 70
Manchester Metropolitan University 1st XI – 62

New picture 5

Club Showcase – Ultimate Frisbee

The University of Manchester’s Ultimate Frisbee club, known as Halcyon , has recently continued its dominance of the North by defending two of its regional…

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Is ‘Pac-man’ ready for Mayweather?

The Filipino has dominated boxing in recent years, but his latest victory has arguably set him up for a fight he will struggle to compete in.

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Where Are They Now? – Faustino Asprilla

Taking a look at what are favourite footballers are up to now……


Newcastle change stadium name.

Newcastle United have announced their St.James’ Park stadium will become the sports direct arena – is the path of stadium naming rights soon to become commonly followed?

A man waves a Palestinian flag

Israel’s Response to the Palestinian UNESCO Bid

Responding to a legal and non-aggressive action by stepping up settlement construction displays how uninterested in the peace process Israel has become.


The ones that got away

Richard Crook takes a look at products that lost millions and embarrassed their companies, but played significant roles in the development of technology.