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Man jailed after deliberately crashing car into house

A man has been jailed after a violent rampage, “all over a spilt drink”


A man has been jailed for 10 years after deliberately ramming his car into a house and potentially leaving someone without the use of their legs.

Andrew Vanhorne, 40, committed the atrocity at a Boxing Day house party on Markington Street, Moss Side, after another guest taunted him about a necklace he was wearing.

Vanhorne, known as “Heineken” for drinking lager, reportedly threw his drink over the other guest before producing a knife and threatening him.

After being convinced to leave, he later tried to return and become involved in a fight with host Owen Irving.

Later, as Mr Irving was clearing in front of the house, Vanhorne sped his car towards him, narrowly missing him but instead hitting Claudine Henry and Carlisle Rock.

Detective Constable Ian Wrench described “an absolute trail of devastation” and deplored the “shocking and totally unnecessary violence”.

Ms Henry was knocked into the air after being “heroically pushed out of the way” by Mr Rock and suffered an ankle injury, whilst Mr Rock’s legs were shattered.

The court heard that Mr Rock, who appeared in a wheelchair, may require amputations after spending six and a half weeks in hospital.

The car continued to smash through the front of the house and into the living room before Vanhorne reversed and drove away.

He was found guilty of causing actual bodily harm, attempting to cause grievous bodily harm and assault causing grievous bodily harm with intent.