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The Great Noodle Poll

We’ve been ramen in the noodles to decide which brand is best


The noodle world has never seen a poll so thorough. I invited a horde of nine people to my house to blindly rate and comment on ten brands of noodle; chicken flavour if available. Results were enthralling. Pot Noodle fared an unimpressive seventh whilst Morrison’s soared to the top with an underwhelming 64%. Personally, I would choose a Curry Mile offering as the spiciness masks the inadequacies of monosodium glutamate-based flavourings. It’s worth noting the net weight before you buy – the price doesn’t always indicate maximum value for money.

Poll position Brand Price Net weight before cooking Overall percentage Comments 1 Morrison’s own BBQ beef flavour 29p 85g 64 Bland but reasonably inoffensive. 2 Vitasia from Lidl 18p 108g 60 A nice taste but a bit slimy and sticky. 3 Sainsbury’s own 28p 85g 57 Carrot a bit stiff. Flavour not detestable; hints of popcorn. 4 Super Noodles 68p 100g 52 Homogenous gloop. 5 Sanwa Cup Noodle from Worldwide 69p 70g 47 Alright. 6 Knorr Micro Noodles 79p 100g 39 Unidentifiable flavour. 7 Pot Noodle £1 90g 35 Another assault on the senses. Very salty. 8 Tesco’s own curry flavour 11p 65g 25 Poor imitation of curry. 9 Indo Mie from Worldwide 35p 70g 21 Strong taste of plastic, burning sensation. 10 Pot Shots 76p 46g 11 Contains alkaline cleaner. Minging.