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Why I Love/Why I Hate

Claire Duffell and Holly Marshall-De Angelis tell us all about their favourite and least favourite musicals

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Why we love: Billy Elliot

It’s almost impossible to imagine “Billy Elliot” without the encapsulating rhythm of the jam’s “A Town Called Malice” which defines the film for most. So it was with much scepticism that I went to see the musical , unable to envisage how the stage could capture the iconic scene where Billy tap dances down the street through a riot. However, Elton John’s breath-taking sound track managed to add a whole new layer of magic to the performance. The comedy of a dancing wardrobe combatted with the beautiful relationships displayed on stage meant that the audience experienced every raw emotion. The stage was alive with energy and the unquestionable skill of every actor left your hairs standing on end. This performance really is a must see!

Why we hate: Grease

When you hear the word “Grease”, you envisage the energy of the 50s, the enviable image of Olivia Newton–John in leather trousers, and you dream of having your own “summer lovin’”. So it was with great anticipation that I went to see the musical, and I was greatly disappointed. With his stomach bulging out of his skin tight trousers, Danny, every girl’s childhood crush, resembled a high school janitor more than he resembled a high school stud. This I could have handled if the plot had lived up to expectations, but the iconic summer romance was more like an episode from a sleazy soap opera based on two characters with no inhibitions. All of this was topped with a lack of energy and a set which looked like a high school production. Unlike Sandy and Danny, the stage and Grease do not go together.