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Manchester students named ‘second biggest drinkers’ in Russell Group

University Drinking League places Manchester in 10th place, well above Oxbridge and MMU


Students at the University of Manchester are the second biggest drinkers in the Russell Group, losing out to University College London by only 0.4 units.

The University Drinking League table, created by Student Beans, measured the average units drank by students per week at 74 universities.

Manchester came 10th in the league overall, with students drinking an average of 22.7 units a week.

That’s 10 pints of Carling, three bottles of wine or 22 shots of vodka.

When asked whether she thought this was an accurate representation of booze culture at Manchester, Emma Sadler, a third year Politics and Modern History student said: “I reckon that’s about right.”

“I drink half a bottle of vodka for pre-drinks then we go out and drink more,” she said, adding. “Actually I probably drink more than 22 units a week. One night out plus wine once or twice a week, the occasional meeting people for a drink or two.”

Bridie Kelley, a third year Maths student said: “I think it’s as an average probably true because there are lots of people who don’t like to party but there are some weeks that I definitely drink more than that. And there are a lot of people who drink more than me.”

Anthony Osho, another third year student disagreed: “I’d say we booze a little bit harder than that figure on average,” he said. “My friends do not know the word ‘moderation.’”

Manchester Metropolitan trailed behind Manchester University in 15th place with only 21.6 units a week, but made a huge leap up from last year’s League, where they came 63rd.

Topping the League is Queen’s University Belfast whose students drink 27.3 units a week and dragging along the bottom in 74th place is Scotland’s Robert Gordon University, who sip only 11 units a week. That’s less than 5 pints or 6 glasses of wine.

Oxford University beat Cambridge by ten places coming 41st. News which was met with derision from the Cambridge Tab, a student paper at Cambridge University.

“Cambridge’s drinking elite don’t match the levels of other universities,” was the angle they went for when covering the story.

Manchester Metropolitan faired better in Student Beans’ ‘University Sex League’ which averages the number of sexual partners students have had since starting university.

They came 6th, with an average of 5.31 sexual partners.

Newcastle topped the Russell Group at 13th place and Manchester came 60th with 3.31 partners, with Durham University close behind at 3.29 partners.

Meanwhile, the appropriately named Bangor University were named the most sexually active university, with their student’s averaging 8.31 partners.

See the full table here.