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Director Profile: Tom Hooper

Suraj Vara looks at successful British director Tom Hooper


Tom Hooper is the man who took on the mammoth task of directing the film adaptation of highly popular Broadway musical Les Miserables, playing now in cinemas. Going on its Oscar noms, he has proved successful- but this wouldn’t be a surprise if you look at his career.

Hooper started out at the BBC, working on projects such as children’s drama Byker Grove. He went on to direct Eastenders and worked on the BAFTA winning hour long episodes in 2000 and 2001.

Hooper’s ability to reconstruct the gritty, realism of history and politics became more apparent in his move to feature film, starting with Red Dust in 2004. It dealt with racism and torture in a state coping with political unrest.

Returning briefly to TV, his popular HBO mini-series John Adams further established Hooper’s credentials as a talented filmmaker, and spring boarded him swiftly into the big leagues with inspirational crowd pleaser The King’s Speech. It won 4 Oscars and 7 BAFTAs, including Best Picture/Film and Best Director for Hooper himself.

Les Miserables, Hooper’s next, was almost guaranteed to be good given his track record, but he had the difficult task of pleasing the musicals 60 million strong fan base.  However, with $300 million and counting in the bank, it’s safe to say he’s met that challenge too.

So far Hooper may not have directed the many films, but his success is unquestionable. The only question left to ask is… what will he do next?