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Daily Archives: 6th February 2013

picture: Victoria's Secret

Gym Hair

Nikki Patel on the hairstyles to make you look chic – not eek – when sweating out.

Still chasing the American Apparel dream?

Joanna Dryden questions the American brand’s reliability and practicality as producers of quality sportswear.

All style, no substance: is £4 too expensive for a mere slice of cake? Photo: Frideswide O'Neill


The proof of the pudding was not in the eating at Northern Quarter hangout Teacup


Profile: Maria Sharapova

Gráinne Morrison on one of sport’s Best Dressed


Gymwear 101

Damilola Ade-Odiachi on how to look like this guy at the gym…


Blogwatch: For The Young Dude (FTYD)

What blogs we’re watching this week

Murakami's Norwegian Wood, (Vintage, 1987)

Lost and disenchanted: Murakami and the student experience

Ross Graham explores the parallels between Murakami’s evocation of ‘60s students life in Norweigian Wood and 21st century student life…

The Art of Tea's book-lined haven, picture: AoT

The Art of Tea, Didsbury

Ella Westall recommends curling up for a few hours with coffee, cake, and old books at The Art of Tea

Go chew the fat with your nearest butcher - they'll give you recipes and cooking tips . Photo: sheffieldhammer @Flickr

Having a butcher’s

Discovering horse DNA in your sausage sandwich is just one of the reasons not to buy meat at supermarkets

Buy this beautiful cheap hunk of meat from your local butcher. Photo: GreatBritishChefs @Flickr

Butcher’s ham hock and lentils

We’re not loin, this piece of meat is a real Babe

Screen adaptations through the ages: (from top left clockwise), 1940 version starring Greer Garson and Laurence Olivier as Elizabeth and Darcy (with screenplay by Aldous Huxley) (Loew’s production Co., and MGM)

The Pride and Prejudice 200th Anniversary Quiz

Which Pride and Prejudice character are you?

One of your five a day, surely? Photo: Becci Yorke

Students do Lent

Giving up alcohol for Lent: mission impossible?