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Blogwatch: For The Young Dude (FTYD)

What blogs we’re watching this week


Forget GQ, Esquire, Men’s Health, all these monthly magazines for your metro-man living doctrines: blogs are the new way in. Though the net is littered with these guides for the female sex, finding a men’s blog to suit you can prove to be a hassle.

FTYD embodies style tips to help revamp your wardrobe, lifestyle and body. From detox juice diets to gym bag essentials I think every man can take something away from this blog.

There’s a personal twist from the author Dil, too, who also works in advertising, with the cool gadgets and things on his wish-list which is also great to see.

And if you’re craving more, there’s the brother blog SCFORM (Skin Care For Men.) So if you really want to scrub up for the new term, or hide those bags from dissertation stress, check this one out.