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Daily Archives: 10th February 2013

Forget it's February - get your summer berries from the freezer section! Photo: no raptors@Flickr

Flip, these pancakes are good

Five of our favourite pancake recipes, with more bacon strips

The king of comfort and indulgence: baked Camembert cheese. Photo: Richard Gaywood @Flickr

Valentine’s Day supper for singletons

Indulge a little this Valentine’s day – you don’t have to be in a relationship to enjoy a slap-up meal

Photo Credit: UNESCO/Emilien Urbano

The shining light in Pakistan: Fifteen year old Malala’s Nobel Peace Prize nomination

Declan Seachoy explains why fifteen year old Malala Yousofzai is symbolic of a much bigger fight for universal education

Source: Wikimedia Commons

My Political Hero: Viktor Yushchenko

Ben Marshall explains why the former president of Ukraine is his political hero.

Photo: Flickr user SLU Madrid Campus

The government needs to think again on student immigration

The chairmen of five parliamentary committees have condemned it, Alex Goldhill tells us the problems with Cameron’s student immigration policy

Photo: Flickr user bobaliciouslondon

Why don’t we care about politics?

Maybe we’re just too busy clearing Liberal Democrat leaflets off our doorsteps to get to the polling stations

Photo: Flickr user Erin M

Who does marriage equality benefit?

With the same-sex marriage bill passing its second reading, we hope it is the beginning of more progressive legislation for LGBT rights

Alumni donations will be put towards a new laptop charging station at the library. Photo: Jonathan Whiting

Alumni donations set to soar

Donations from former students to Unviersity schemes are on the rise

Manchester take on MMU last season Photo: Jonny Whiting

Manchester left ‘gutted’ by cup defeat

University of Manchester 59-69 University of Chester

Image: Annie Muir

See your creative writing printed in the Books section

We want your creative writing

Photo: David E Owen@flcikr

New season yet to bring new hope for Salford

Super League campaign starts with heavy defeat to Wigan Warriors

This spicy rice is nice. Photo: Eve Commander

A rookie’s guide to rice

Let this advice become ingrained in your memory