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Daily Archives: 13th February 2013

Photo: Flickr user Erik.N
A woman stands alone at a bus stop in Stockholm, Sweden

Student Abroad: Why do women feel so much safer on the streets of Sweden?

Alex Maxia compares women’s safety in Manchester to that in Sweden, where safety is less of a pressing issue.

Ip Man at work. Photo: Edwin Lee via Flickr

Society Spotlight: Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu

Rachel Heward goes to Fuse FM’s The Societies Show to meet the Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu society.

Stuart Lancaster has been the driving force behind England's recent revival Photo: thesportreview@flickr

Dominant England are Six Nations favourites

Wounded French may yet prove England’s biggest test

Desaparecidos made up for lost time at Academy 2

Live: Desaparecidos

Conor Oberst’s post-hardcore side project finally made their Manchester debut

Underwear as Outerwear

Halee Wells discusses one of fashion’s most high risk but fabulous trends.

Simon Binns

In conversation with: Simon Binns

Jessica Hardiman and Emily Clark listen to food writer Simon Binns’ musings on the Manchester restaurant landscape

Katamari Damacy

Katamari Damacy

Robert Muirhead looks at one of gaming’s weirdest franchises

Listen to your food. Photo: Great Beyond @Flickr

Five great songs about food

Ollie Cartwright nourishes us with these culinary classics


Dead Space 3 ‘exploit’ allows gamers to get paid content for free

EA claims unlimited item glitch was deliberate

To Kill A King recorded "Cold Skin" at Ruby Lounge for UoM student media

Video: To Kill A King – ‘Cold Skin’

To Kill A King live in session for University of Manchester student media

The Fault in Our Stars, (Penguin, 2012)

The Fault in Our Stars (John Green) – Review

The latest release from New York Times bestselling author John Green takes an affectionate and affecting look at teens suffering with cancer

Hank and John Green (L-R), image: Blair Wonder

Vlogbrothers come to Manchester

What is a ‘Nerdfighter’? How do they ‘Vlog’? All was answered when Sam went to author John Green’s book signing…