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Dead Space 3 ‘exploit’ allows gamers to get paid content for free

EA claims unlimited item glitch was deliberate


Dead Space 3’s in-game transaction system has been undermined by an exploit in the game that allowed players to access unlimited items. The in-game transaction system allowed gamers to unlock advanced weapons earlier than they otherwise would have in the game.

The system mirrors the in-game purchases in freemium games like Temple Run 2, where you can use real life money to get in-game currency. Unlike other paid DLC, no new content is added with the payments rather existing content is unlocked quicker.

Creating weapons in Dead Space 3 requires expending scrap materials. These items can be found in game, gathered by Isaac’s scavenger bots or purchased through the in-game transaction system. However, certain materials have been found to respawn infinitely. You could rapidly get the resources by entering and exiting a room over and over again. This made purchasing the materials through the micro-transaction system completely pointless, closing off one of the game’s revenue streams.

There has been debate over whether using the glitch was justified or counted as theft.

Intellectual property solicitor Sara Ludlam told the BBC “If you go into a baker’s to buy a bun and they give you the wrong change and you walk away knowing you have been given more change than you handed over in the first place, that’s theft,”

Other gamers might feel justified on the grounds that it’s no different to using cheat codes, long a fixture in video gaming. Others resent paying full price for a game without unlocking all its features.

Publisher EA issued a statement “We have no plans to issue a patch to change this aspect of the game,” said spokesman Jino Talens. “We encourage players to explore the game and discover the areas where resources respawn for free.”