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Five great songs about food

Ollie Cartwright nourishes us with these culinary classics


1. ‘Pizza You’ by Ray Gelato and the Giants of Jive, on Gelato Espresso

Singer and Pizza-phile Ray Gelato rejects everything from cannelloni to minestrone in his hard swinging search for a ‘Pizza You.’ ‘I’ve lost my appetite, don’t know what to do. Cos I just want a pizza you.’

2. ‘Hey Pete! Let’s Eat More Meat’ by Dizzy Gillespie, on Dizzy Gillespie Big Band

Do you have a love of meat that borders on obsessive? Do you have a persistently vegetarian friend? Is that friend called Pete? Then look no further for the perfect tool of persuasion.

3. ‘Combination Pizza Hut And Taco Bell’ by Das Racist

A heart-rending tale of two friends lost in a sea of fast food restaurants. Possibly a thinly veiled comment on the relentless spread of American multinationals.

4. ‘The Coffee Song’ by Frank Sinatra, on A Foggy Day

This harrowing account of Brazil’s descent into caffeinated addiction is sure to put you off your morning cup of Joe. You’ll be dismayed when you hear how, ‘a politicians daughter was accused of drinking water’ and promptly fined without even being given her day in court. Barbaric.

5. ‘Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off’ by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, on Ella and Louis Together

A disagreement over the weekly shop sees this couple pushed over the edge. A tragic situation but also a unparalleled lesson on how to pronounce those trickier food staples.