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Loving & Loathing

Gráinne Morrison on denim and the art of the oversized.


Loving: Denim

Somewhat of a crowd pleaser, our beloved denim has stood the test of time and this season is making its mark in all major high street stores. With brands like Wrangler finding themselves more sought after than they have in many years, well-crafted and good quality denim garments are investments this year. Usually a summer staple, denim has been made Spring-appropriate.

No longer exclusively for jackets or jeans, denim skirts and dresses are fast becoming essential wardrobe items. The above dress captures the versatility of this trend, dark enough to be worn with tights and ankle boots whilst this arctic weather holds out but then perfect to be worn with bare legs and sandals in the summer months. With so many pieces to choose from, in both Menswear and Womenswear, you really have no excuse to not experiment with denim this season.




Loathing: Frumpy Fashion

In light of this week’s focus on all things sexy, I’d like to express my disdain for the growing trend of unshaped, oversized and generally unflattering dresses that seem to be swamping figures all over Manchester. Coming from someone allergic to the bodycon trend, I’m not in any way advocating too-tight garments. Yet when what you’re wearing could also be described as a moo-moo, you might want to rethink the image you’re projecting. Perhaps it’s an attempt to cover up a multitude of sins, yet in doing so you’re committing an even worse fashion crime. This oversized White Pepper dress would make even Beyoncé look frumpy – there’s certainly no hope for the rest of us. Make the most of whatever shape you have, don’t let your clothes wear you!