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Daily Archives: 14th February 2013

A psoter from the FA's new LGBT campaign

Time to give homophobia the boot

In light of LGBT History Month, Andrew Georgeson looks to the future of homosexuality in sport

Manchester stormed to a deserved 4-0 victory vs Liverpool. Photo: Shabab Tashin

Manchester outclass hapless Liverpool

University of Manchester 4 – 0 University of Liverpool


Nobody expects the Papal Resignation

Why would the powers-that-be (no, not the Illuminati) sanction Benedict’s retirement when poor John Paul had to stick-it-out?

Could the Carbon Rod be the next NUS president?

Debate: Should Manchester vote for the inanimate carbon rod as NUS president?

Nick Pringle, Arun Mehta and Becky Montacute argue for and against the inanimate carbon rod

Source: Flikr

Why I don’t want a PhD

Antonia Jennings tells us why a career in academia isn’t as good as it first sounds

Photo: Flickr user WordShore

Last orders for the Nanny State – the problem with minimum alcohol pricing

Sam Dumitriu tells us that minimum alcohol pricing won’t fix the country’s alcohol problem


Light up the city – Reclaim the Night!

Manchester Student Union’s Women’s Officer Tabz O’Brien-Butcher tells us why we should reclaim the night