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Loving & Loathing

Aimée comments on how fashion is both strutting towards the future whilst simultaneously taking one huge step back in time


Loving: Futuristic fashion

This week Topshop is set to let technology do the talking at its LFW show where, in partnership with Google, they will stream their catwalk looks live as they come down the runway. As something which thus far has only been properly attempted by the big boys of fashion, this tells us that live streaming is really finding its feet which, for fashion fanatics everywhere, can only be good news. The end of waiting hopelessly by the letterbox for the invitations that just aren’t going to come is well and truly nigh. Plus, Topshop will again be letting at-home viewers “watch, click, buy” making it possible to preorder exhibited garments in the colour of your choice, buy the show makeup and have it delivered within 48 hours, and also download the show soundtrack. If that wasn’t enough, top models Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn will be sporting stitched-in micro cameras so you can pretend it’s you marching down that runway. Yes, fashion’s got its best foot firmly in the future. Welcome to 2013, people. Now, if only someone would get round to inventing Cher from Clueless’ computer wardrobe.




Loathing: The Full Length Dungaree

Just when you thought the world was recovering from the onesie, a new all-in-one appears to make you look even sillier. Of all the new trends that Fashion Week has thrown our way, one of the most loathsome has to be the full-length dungaree. The preserve of deep-south depression-era yokels, accessorised with a piece of hay (for chewing) and a bundle on a stick. It’s hardly a shock appearance however: an almost fail-safe method of trend prediction is to ask “what hasn’t been in fashion for ageeees?” and the full length dunga had been relegated to the back of the fashion wardrobe for a long while (why couldn’t it have been forever?). And however much we wish it had stayed there, the jumpsuit has been knocking about for a few seasons and short dungarees have been seen on cute girls bearing bowler hats everywhere, so arguably the full-length dungaree was the next (il)logical step. But take a look at this one from ASOS and tell me it doesn’t vividly take you back to GCSE English lessons on Of Mice and Men – when last asked your fashion icon, I highly doubt you said Lennie. If you really must do dungarees, go short for the sake of my sanity, and if you are determined to experiment with full-length make sure you get a good fit else your friends will be calling you Cletus. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.