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Fresh Meat Treasure Hunt across campus

Channel 4 cast members are set to take part in a Treasure Hunt across campus


The cast of Channel 4’s Fresh Meat are coming to the University of Manchester as part of a Comic Relief event put on by RAG.

The University Campus will be turned into a Treasure Hunt on Friday 1st March, as the cast of the Manchester University based sitcom will join teams of students in a race to the finish line.

Teams will have an hour to complete five challenges and a bonus head start will be given to those who raise the most money before the race.

The cast, including ex-University of Manchester student Jack Whitehall, will be competing against the clock to complete their own tasks. The event will start and finish in the Students’ Union, and spectators will be encouraged to come along and join in.

The winning team will get to meet and have their photographs taken with the cast, as well as getting their hands on a collection of signed Fresh Meat merchandise. They will even have the chance to get on TV with the actors as part of the BBC Comic Relief programme.

Teams of up to four people may enter to take part in the fundraising event, paying £10.

All proceeds of the event will go to Comic Relief.