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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Johnny Marr. Photo: Man Alive! @flickr

Live: Johnny Marr

“He’s a magician with a guitar, a godlike genius, and quite possibly the coolest Mancunian of all time.”


A glitter-heeled step too far?

Scarlett Whittell assesses the new shoe on the block

David Ford. Photo:smurphers @flickr

Live: David Ford w/Emily Grove and Jarrod Dickenson

David Ford plays an intimate set with friends at Manchester’s Deaf Institute

Deap Vally delivered an incendiary set that bodes well for the forthcoming debut LP. Photo: Braden Fletcher

Live: Deap Vally & Drenge

Two of 2013’s most promising duos shared the stage in bringing raw punk energy to the Deaf Institute

Drenge have burst onto the live scene via a slew of high-profile support slots. Photo: Paul Cantrell

Interview: Drenge

Backstage at The Deaf Institute, the band of brothers discuss Denmark, two-piece tribulations and the curse of the Sheffield band

Server chaos renders Sim City unplayable

Sim City was temporarily pulled from the Amazon store, causing chaos for the always online game.

Craving & Saving

Melissa Hughes on how to channel Kate Middleton with a two-digit price tag.

Men of steel

What does TV’s newest policitcal outing have to tell us about power dressing, asks Ben Brown.

Screenshot of Mass Effect 3: Citadel. Photo: Bioware

Mass Effect 3: The Citadel

Jonathan Lee asks is The Citadel, the perfect send-off for the Mass Effect series?

picture: Melissa Malala

The good, the bad and the denim

Taking the tack by the horns, Miles Zilesnick ventures into Manchester sporting not double, but triple denim. Here’s what happened…

Retro Corner: The Operative: No One Lives Forever

No One Lives Forever mines 60s spy fiction to make a truly memorable game

What happened to girl power? Photo: vagandamag

The sexual taboo

Why is it okay for guys to be promiscuous, but not for girls?