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Daily Archives: 1st March 2013


Album: Theme Park – Theme Park

The London trio’s summery debut is the perfect tonic for a dull February


Interview: Jack Savoretti

Phoebe Clarke chats to Jack Savoretti on his number album, and finds out whether being compared to Bob Dylan ever gets old.

The MIFTAs performance of Paper Shield. photo: Joshua Val Martin

The MIFTAs begin with a bang

Ben Marshall reviews Paper Shield, the first performance of the season for the MIFTAs

University: myth vs. reality

We are all told what to expect before starting uni, but just how much of it is true?

Enjoy this loaf with a slab of cheddar and a few pickled onions. Photo: BryanAlexander @Flickr

Ploughman’s loaf

Let this cheese and pickle loaf brighten your day

First impressions aren't always correct when it comes to HFW. Photo: Paul Tomlin @Flickr

What we really think about Hugh

Eve Commander ponders the virtue of this controversial chef

We should embrace our breasts whatever their size Photo: Craig Finlay @Flickr

Breasts: Their wonders uncovered

Molly Allen explains why size shouldn’t matter when it comes to boobs.

With so many books, where to begin?
Image: N. Bojdo

How do you choose how to choose your next book?

Online book recommendation sites get away from best-seller lists and towards personally tailored selections

Fernando French Publishing (2012)

Review – Isn’t It Pretty To Think So, by Nick Miller

Nick Miller’s debut novel treads familiar, if not unwelcome, territory

Members of the Society Swap, with Coach Bobby and British Boxing Champion Brian Rose. Photo: Kate Bullivant

Horse Boxing

Last week, members from the Equestrian Society and Boxing Society swapped for one session.

Sexpression at a conference in Sheffield Photo: Manchester Sexpression


Sexpression Manchester aims to teach sexual health and encourage young people to make informed decisions

Should we care who #ManchesterVotes for?

Brace yourselves – the Students’ Union elections are here. The Mancunion considers why the candidates might be standing, and what Manchester SU is for