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Ben Brown on what men have to look forward to in SS 2013


As a rule, there are only two things I hope never to have to share with other people: bespoke clothing, and my browser history. Between Pitti Uomo and the ‘Big Four’ Fashion weeks, I feel safe in breaking this cardinal rule by divulging that my Chrome history is, in fact, now filled with search results for bespoke clothing.

With every new year, the gentle rustling of well-kept beards and Harris Tweed begins to emanate from the fringes of the male fashion world. The ensuing parade of menswear makes the Six Nations February’s second most manly endeavour. Moreover, the annual spate of fashion shows represents a coagulation of a year’s hard work on the part of over 200 designers, millions of dollars spent, and Tumblr-fodder for the next six months.

Happily, to save yourselves the Sisyphean task of catching up on everything you have missed, I have compiled this handy roundup of all the events of the past two months.

Pitti Uomo is Still Awesome

Combining some great presentations with sweet, sweet street style, the Florence-based trade show kicked off the year in terrific form. The presentations included some classic offerings from Boglioli, Isaia, and special guest Kenzo. Attendees were even treated to a rare display from Japanese techwear producers, White Mountaineering. The show marked a departure from the brand’s habitual Japan-based presentations that occur at completely random times of the year.

Four Big Fashion Weeks

If Pitti Uomo is the Jamie Farr character in the M*A*S*H unit of fashion shows, then the ‘Big Four’ definitely represent Col. Potter: you take them seriously. Much like the nature of completely irrelevant 1980s television references, London, New York, Paris, and Milan turned up some classic shows this year. One particularly prominent (read: mental) highlight was Berluti’s winter-wonderland, inter-species display at Le Musée Nationale d’Histoire Naturelle.

The Year of Street Style

More a prediction than a summation of facts: I think it’s safe to assume we will see street style continue to develop alongside social networking. The first few months of 2013 have offered up some real gems both in male and female style. With a growing web-based audience, it’s really interesting to see how completely candid moments are becoming as sartorially informed as any catwalk. It isn’t as if street style is anything new, but it is pleasing to see street etiquette continue to materialise as a standalone creative endeavour.

2013 promises to be a great year for male style; if fashion season is anything to go by it is going to be a cavalcade of great sunglasses and strong dogtooth. For now, things are returning to normality: The Fashion weeks were a success, street style’s game was up, and God Wooster is still a total mensch. If you’re interested, GQ is running a really interesting article about him right now; it should be on my history…


Actually, I’ll find it.