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Top 5: Style renovations

Marie Claire Yates takes looks at some of the most famous fashion overhauls.


1. Victoria Beckham

Remember Victoria in hot pants and push-up bras when touring the world as Posh Spice back in the ’90s? Now, Beckham is nothing but sophisticated in her tight, just-below-the-knee-length dresses and nine-inch heels. She really has reinvented herself from Spice Girl WAG to universal A-list fashionista.

2. Marc Jacobs

Ex-overweight, long-haired, heroin addict, I think it’s safe to say that Marc Jacobs has definitely taken a turn for the better. Since his second stunt of rehab in 2007, Marc has buffed up, cut his hair and continued to showcase fabulous and innovative garments for us to gaze at on the catwalk.

3. Lana Del Rey

If you went to New York music show The Variety Box in 2009, you would have seen blonde-haired Lizzie Grant with her strong voice but shy persona. After a failed album, a name change and rumours of plastic surgery, Grant transformed herself into the woman we now know as Lana Del Rey – current hot US songstress.

4. Madonna  

The Queen of reinvention. In 1984 she was pictured sporting the grunge look: ripped tights, studded accessories and exposed midriff. Since then, she has experimented with numerous profiles: disco diva, dominatrix, hippy chick; but no matter what look she opts for, she has always kept nice and toned.

5.  Kate Middleton

Before the Royal Wedding, Kate was plain and dressed for a woman that could have been twice her age. But a year after she became Duchess, Kate has transformed into an international style icon. With her elegant dresses, princess charm and her style being documented on the internet daily, Kate is now a fashion figure for women all over the world.