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Craving and Saving

Charlie Dick on the tack-tastic items he’s spied at both ends of the economic spectrum



Tacky’s not an outfit, it’s a lifestyle. However, if you’re unable to fully dedicate yourself to the cause, this bag from Vivienne Westwood should just about cover it. The luscious mock crocodile effect in hospital-curtain pink just screams ‘all-money-no-taste’, topped off by the perspex amber glitter orb on the front. But don’t be fooled, this bag is not just about ultimate tacky style. The heart-shape body is just the right size to fit absolutely nothing inside it, while the handles ensure not even Katie Price could fit it over her arm. What’s not to like?… The £225 price tag. This is definitely one to crave.





However, if you’re still desperate for that garish edge to your outfit but are on more of a student budget, this bag from Paul’s Boutique should fit the bill. At just £40 it retains the all important ‘tack’ through the similar heart-shape style. Although you’ll need to sacrifice Vivienne Westwood’s crocodile effect for the poor-man’s version of snake skin, the chunky gold chain strap will actually fit over your shoulder. Plus it brings an element of versatility, being grey on one side and green on the other. Who would have thought something so stylish could be so cheap- in every sense of the word?