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SU elections: candidates’ articles

Welcome to Comment & Politics’ SU election online special!


The Student’s Union is plastered with posters, any venture into halls leads to free sweets and leaflets, and invitations to VOTE X #1 FOR X pop up constantly on our Facebook feeds. Student Union elections are in full swing. But manifestos are short and snappy, and there’s only so much you can fit on a poster. Here, The Mancunion: Comment & Politics has given candidates the chance to give us a bit more on their policies, what they think needs to change in the SU and university. All candidates were offered the chance to write an article for us, here are those we’ve received back. Hopefully, they can give you a bit more of a guide when making those difficult decisions at the polling box (or well, at mymanchester…)


For all the candidates’ articles, check out the SU elections section.



  • I didn’t get time to write my litle piece about me, (I am Clare running for Wellbeing Officer). If you are interested in what ideas I have, please check out my event. I have been posting resources everyday, so you might learn a bit abou what services the University currently has!!/events/481082491938811/


    why not check ou wellbeing week? I want to make this a once a week scheme. Not trying to fit everything into the two weeks.
    Happy Voting! I will be around campus with lollies and bubbles..come say hi. :)

  • Anti-Bribery Association

    I love election time. “If you vote for me, you can have one of these CUPCAKES!” “You can have a LOLLIPOP!”

    How about you just deliver on your manifesto policies, eh? Can you persuade me with your policies for a change?

    Patronising gits…..(some, not all)

  • Anti-Bribery Association

    And tearing down other people’s banners and posters just isn’t cricket.

  • Name

    Reminds me of those old t-shirts/mugs: I voted for you and all I got was a lousy cupcake

  • Name

    Benjamin Franklin: Those who give up their VOTE for more CUPCAKES deserve neither the VOTE nor a CUPCAKE.

  • Jayne

    The people here are of a few candidates who deiced to give you further explanation to persuade you, as many candidates didn’t even bother to write a piece.

    • Name

      I know. I support anyone who made effort to actually write something for everyone to read about their policies, instead of walking round campus dressed like chimps and sprinkling confetti everywhere. May the best – and hardest working – candidates win.

    • Snarkynamehere

      In fairness, many candidates weren’t told. The SU left off a number of emails off the candidate emailing list. Those candidates were then told with less than 24 hours until the print deadline to write an article – everyone else had a week.