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Loving and Loathing

Go bold this spring, and don’t ruin your metallics with ‘metacklics’


Loving: Bold prints
Last time the sun had his hat on, we were all raving about combining completely diverse prints. From leopard to floral to stripes all in one outfit! What I love about this spring is that we look at prints in a totally different way. Now that the warm weather is fast approaching (not that frosty Manchester gives us any clues at all), I am going to introduce you to the print trends. Outfits that consist of one amazing bold print or patchwork are currently huge and I adore them. Rather than mixing two prints, pair a couple of block colours with your print. Start experimenting now – I advise you to invest in a couple of bold print dresses under your warm winter coats along with a pair of tights. When it starts getting warmer trade the coat for a cute blazer or denim jacket, and eventually (hopefully) you can take that jacket off and opt for the bare legged look! As long as you have that one print you love, it does not matter whether it is short, long or even mid length, whatever you prefer- I’ll leave that part for you to decide. They’re not all expensive, so get yourself to the Arndale on your next break and get looking.

Loathing- Metallic shoes
The metallic-finish look is making a vast appearance in all shops and in almost any item of clothing you can imagine. Now read carefully: choose wisely which item of shiny clothing you decide to welcome to your wardrobe family. Personally, I cannot begin to express my hatred for these shiny space-looking high tops. I call them the ‘space hoppers’ as they are practical and probably very comfortable (you can ‘hop’ around campus all day) but come on guys, really? Go back a good few years and these would have been placed on your Barbie doll’s feet. Add some flashing lights and glitter and you’d have been begging your mum for these back in the day. Metallics are certainly not our worst enemies, but these tacky bad boys are a no no for me.

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    fantastic x so proud of you x