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Mass Effect 3: The Citadel

Jonathan Lee asks is The Citadel, the perfect send-off for the Mass Effect series?


Is this the DLC you’ve been waiting for? If you wanted a serious addition to the plot that shines new light on the universe or a new ending, then sadly you’re going to be quite disappointed. Alternatively if you are, like me, someone who wants to get to spend more time with characters you’ve known and loved for the entire 6 year span of this series, then this is the ultimate swansong for the Mass Effect series.

The entire point of the DLC clearly is to give you the chance to reconnect with all of your previous squad mates in one final hurrah and as per usual Bioware’s execution of storytelling is brilliant. The main story arc is simple. It has a cheesy, yet welcomed twist and helps bring out the best jokes in the DLC.

The DLC is separated into two main components: combat and conversation. It is clear that combat wasn’t the main focus this time around, but the new enemies have interesting new tricks and the new combat simulator stands out of the many mini games littered around the new area. The real stars are the returning characters and their multi-layered interactions with you and more impressively, with each other. The unending references and jokes are shamelessly self-indulgent, but the execution is so perfect that fans will be playing through it multiple times to find all the hilarious variations. The set pieces are exciting and meaningful, ranking amongst some of the most memorable moments in the entire series.

From the shooting, to the story, and most importantly all the fun you have with the characters, the emphasis on fan service means that fans will love almost everything this DLC has to offer.