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Blind Date

Will English student Amber find her fairy-tale romance with James?

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James, 20, 2nd year Business Management and Japanese

First impressions? A nice girl

Did the date get off to a flying start? Yes it got off to a flying start. There was a lot to talk about.

Best Features? Nice arms and a nice voice.

Any awkward moments? No, I don’t think so. She wasn’t an awkward person and neither am I so it was fine. However, being at Trof, we were surrounded by other awkward first dates which was funny.

Did you have many things in common? Yes, her ex-boyfriend (who kind of looks like me) is a friend of mine. If he sees this picture of us, I’m sorry Jake.

Other common things included: we both like the ‘Go Falafel’ shop on the curry mile and we were both in the Manchester University Harlem Shake.

What was the weirdest thing she told you? Nothing was weird really. She told me that she brews her own wine which was cool, and that she has recently turned a vegetarian. Also, she told me that apparently you don’t get free bin bags in Oak House anymore.

What happened after you finished your meal? A lot of things happened. We got another drink, watched a bit of the open mic night, then we parted ways. I had a fun night. Afterwards, I went home and went to bed.

How did you say goodbye? We said “goodbye” and hugged. I think I tried to give her a kiss on the cheek however im not sure if it got her cheek or her neck or completely missed.

So did you kiss? Yes…no

Would you look twice at her in a club? Yes. Maybe three times. Maybe four.

Potential sex partner percentage? 69%

Any plans for the future? First I should apologise to her ex boyfriend then maybe we should go for a coffee sometime..?


Amber, 19, 1st year English Literature

First impressions? He had friendly smile and a nice shirt.

Did the date get off to a flying start? Yeah, we found out we have mutual friends and so instantly had something to talk about.

Best features? He had some interesting stories.

Any awkward moments? No, I don’t think so.

Did you have many things in common? We both like travelling. We didn’t have that much in common but that meant things were interesting and we had more to talk about.

What was the weirdest thing he told you? He sent his mates a photo of him on the toilet which got put on ‘Spotted’ – pretty weird.

What happened after you finished your meal? We had another drink but I had to dash off.

How did you say goodbye? A hug and he took my number.

Would you look at him twice in a club? Yeah I’d notice him.

Potential sex partner percentage? 65%.

Any future plans? I might see him around.