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Uni blues: surviving the first week back

Amy Bowden gives her advice on how to battle through the first week of lectures


So, the summer has been and gone; say farewell to the sun, mum’s homemade dinners and the joys of having time to spare. The first week of Uni is bittersweet: the making or rekindling of friendships, discussions regarding summer holidays, festivals or events. However, it also means it’s time to get our heads down and focus on the academic year looming ahead. Here are some essential tips to help you brave the week we all love to hate…

Freshers flu? We all know the feeling! Excessive drinking and too many hangovers will ruin your immune system, making the journey that 9am lecture feel as though the content of your skull has been removed and replaced with shards of glass. So do try to take a break from the alcohol every now and again because the ‘hair of the dog rule’ doesn’t always work!

As student loans have just dropped (hurrah!), we’re all feeling like millionaires at the moment. But consider the amount of cash you will need to pay the rent and eat in a few weeks’ time when you’re about pay out for 20 jagerbombs in Factory. The costs mount up so do try to be sensible! Even though our mothers may have spoilt us with home-cooked meals like the sought-after Sunday dinner, don’t trade good food for a costly night out.

Don’t become nocturnal! Yes, the summer holiday has toyed with our body clocks once more. No longer are we able to take a nap whenever the feeling strikes- and I’m sorry to say, the lie ins are out. This year, try not to throw your clock or phone against the bedroom wall when it rings out its torturous chirp, and instead perhaps glare at it for a moment and then, when you feel slightly better, make your way over (on-time!) to that morning lecture.

The most important thing is to maintain balance. Have fun but work hard! And most importantly, enjoy your first week of Uni.