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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Photo: Flickr user Bjørn Giesenbauer

Live: Yuck

Yuck struggle to cope with the departure of former frontman Daniel Blumberg.

Photo: Wikipedia Commons

Top 5 Songs… with samples.

Lowell Clarke selects his top 5 sampling tracks.


Album: Love Inks – Generation Club

She sounds like a more sophisticated Lana Del Rey at the lower end of her range, and a more polished Debbie Harry at the top

Photo: Flickr user badjonni

Live: Jagwar Ma

Madchester revivalists Jagwar Ma delight young and old ravers alike

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Interview: Portico Quartet

Jamie Bulman speaks to Portico Quartet saxophonist Jack Wyllie about sub-frequencies, Roman amphitheatres and being ‘that hang band’…

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

From the Vault: Nirvana – In Utero

As the follow up to Nevermind, In Utero provides a bitter, beautiful repost to the media whirlwind that followed their most popular album.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Live: Turisas

Turisas bring their impressive Viking metal sound to Manchester

A spectacular audiovisual performance. Photo: flickr @robinrimbaud

Live: Joy Division Reworked – The Heritage Orchestra

It’s Joy Division as you’ve never heard them before, but is it a testament or a disservice to their legacy?


Review: The Escape Plan

Tom reviews the latest instalment in the Arnie revival canon


Cornerhouse Pick of the Week: Prince Avalanche

Shilpa isn’t sure if she’s bored or engaged by the Cornerhouse’s latest offering


Cornerhouse Pick of the Week: The Selfish Giant

Leo reviews the latest film by Clio Barnard, acclaimed director of The Arbor

Can Manchester get their second victory in a row? Follow the action live from Altringham Ice Rink!

Ice Hockey Live Blog!

  Welcome to the Mancunion Sport live blog of the 2013 Ice Hockey varsity! Face-off at 7:30!