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Monthly Archives: November 2013

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And we’ll never be royals royals…

Are the royals style icons? Natalie Clark shares her views

Image: Cornerhouse

Noise and Signal

Jasper Llewellyn reviews Daksha Patel’s Noise and Signal.

Sarah Lamb as the Sugar Plum Fairy (©ROH/Johan Persson, 2009) image by AKA (©ROH, 2013).

The Royal Opera House

Zoe Landau, tells us about her role as Student Ambassador for the venue and why she thinks there’s so much more to it than meets the eye.

Dress 1

Fashion, beauty and … technology?

Charlie Daniels on how technology has fused with fashion to deliver new avenues of style


Top 5: Fashion apps

Charlie Dick appreciates the most appealing (free) fashion apps that should appear on all smart phones immediately.

David Rieff speaks to the Mancunion PHOTO: Alesi Leonardi

Interview: David Rieff

American author, polemicist and war reporter David Rieff tells Sam Dumitriu why he is a humanitarian fundamentalist

Vicky Pryce speaking at Chatham House PHOTO: Chatham House

Interview: Vicky Pryce

Ex-con economist Vicky Pryce tells Sam Dumitriu about her time behind bars and why prison doesn’t work

Instagram: @theworlds4fashion

“I dropped my iPhone!”

Keir Forde discusses what is perhaps the most useful fashion accessory of today.

Photo: Duncan Harris (Flickr)

Do you lead a double life?

Does university allow you to create a ‘new you’? Lauren Arthur discusses.


Ask Izzy

An earnest attempt to cure all your woes. Tweet any burning issues, genital or otherwise,@izzydann

Louis and Flo get up close and personal in Fallow Cafe. Photo: Peter Chinnock.

Blind Date

Flo and Louis had their first encounter in first year. What happens when they unexpectedly meet again on a blind date?

Moya's short-lived Tinder profile.

Dating for the 4G generation

What does the recent rise of mobile dating app Tinder have to say about the way our generation views romance? Our sceptical Lifestyle Editor gives her verdict…