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MAC: We trusted you

Keir Forde exposes favorite cosmetics manufacturer, where there really is no beauty without bunnies.


Most of us at least know of MAC, their target market is 16-25 year olds and over the past ten years they have become one of the most trusted and liked make-up companies by women in Britain; they’re cool.

Since their dawn in Canada they have developed in what most people would agree is a socially responsible way, setting up foundations including MAC AIDS and even MAC Cruelty-Free Beauty.

We trust them to make us beautiful while we are pleased to see a few charity campaigns at the till, perhaps orbiting a Rihanna or Lady Gaga makeup set. This gives us the impression that MAC are the good guys and we can trust them, right?

So why at the beginning of 2012 were they removed from PETA’s list of cruelty-free companies?

The first thing that I wanted to know is why would such a large company that did no animal testing and was proud, move backwards on such a controversial matter in the make-up industry?

It seems as if old faithful can once again be blamed for this evil – money.

While the company state “Our products are not tested on animals unless completely mandated by law”, they are trying to deceive you into thinking this means they are against evil animal testing when what they are really saying is that they don’t test on animals themselves, yet get other people, in countries with fewer laws, to do it for them.

They do this because it’s much cheaper to have products developed in Asian countries than back in Canada and they can hide the whole thing from the eyes of their largest markets back in the west: how clever.

Little details are known about MACs exact testing and how animals are used, but when things are that secretive, they’re normally not something to celebrate.

But does it even matter to us? Probably not.

MAC makes good make-up and most customers DGAF about animal testing, they just want good make-up and for that reason MAC will probably never face any negative backlash. The first person I told had the reaction “…but they’re so f****** good though” which I think reflects the majority.

But while you continue to buy their products, spare a thought for the rats and rabbits that are currently taking the bullet for you and being forced all the studio-fix you ever dreamed of.

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