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10 Foods to eat Before a Night Out

These foods provide the perfect stomach lining for excessive amounts of alcohol


So you’re going out but don’t know what to have for tea… don’t want to be stuffed? Don’t want to be the one suggesting a kebab before you’ve even got to your destination? Do want to be able to dance the night away with bounds of energy and prepare your stomach for what’s to come? Oh and avoid the possibility of a hangover? Here are 10 foods to put you in the mood for a night out.



The fish slows down the rate at which food leaves the stomach, slowing the time it takes for alcohol to get through your bloodstream. It also contains lots of omega 3 useful for brain power which could be necessary the next day.


A really accessible food most people have sat in their cupboard, the carbohydrate lines the stomach well.


Dairy helps to neutralize the acid that you’ll be intaking later and I think is a lot more appetising than glugging a pint of milk before you whizz through the door.


The fruit will help to replace the potassium lost to dehydration later in the evening and half counts as one of your five a day.


The vegetable has been proven to metabolize alcohol and protect the liver cells. It is also light so won’t leave you feeling bloated.


It helps to increase low blood sugar and is seen to have nausea preventing properties useful for the next day.


The fruit is mostly made up of water hydrating you fully for the night to come. Chicken
The protein helps you to feel fuller for longer stopping your late night hunger cravings.


The complex carbohydrate will give you slow release energy to keep you going into the early hours.


Salted Nuts
You’ve been working hard all day, not had time to go home and not eaten since lunch. These are probably the best emergency option. The sodium will help increase the level of electrolytes in the body giving you a head start before you feel dehydrated and they are rich in antioxidants too!