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Warehouse Project DJ plays Fallowfield house-party

Bondax, Preditah and Transmission Collective play house parties in Fallowfield on Saturday night


A DJ duo who played at Warehouse Project turned up at a house-party in Fallowfield on the weekend.

Lancaster upcoming music duo Bondax headlined the party hosted by Kieran Jandu of The University of Manchester. Jandu grew up with the two members of Bondax, George and Adam, and was fortunate enough to have them play a set in his basement only hours after playing at The Warehouse Project on Saturday night, 16 November.

Alongside Bondax, Transmission Collective also played a set in the students’ basement. The house on Victoria Road was transformed into an unofficial after party for The Warehouse Project.

But, this was not the only big name playing at a house party in Fallowfield on Saturday night. Only a few streets down on Granville Road, well known garage and grime DJ, Preditah, graced attendees with an unexpected visit.

After playing a set in Red Rum, Fallowfield, two Manchester students invited him to a house party nearby.

To their surprise he agreed and within the hour was playing in their living room.