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Monthly Archives: February 2014

The Pakistan and Islamic societies are both holding week long events.  Photo: Paul Campbell.

Pakistan and Islamic societies hold week to ‘tackle misconceptions’

Pakistan Week and Community Week aim to address negative preconceptions about Pakistani and Muslim students

Police were called to Baa Bar at 3.00am on Saturday 22nd February. Photo: Tanvir Hamid @ Flickr

Three women injured in Baa Bar assault

Three women and two men caught in unprovoked attack over taxi

Photo: Flickr@owenwbrown

Facebook: the new King Maker

After a spate of human rights pages being deleted from Facebook, Lauren Gorton asks whether it is taking its history-making role seriously

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

I experienced Twitter abuse first hand

Martha Clarke discusses feminism, solidarity, and how twitter abuse doesn’t solve anything

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

My Political Villain: Tony Blair

Alice Rigby explains why former Prime Minister Tony Blair is her political villain…

Photo: UM Ucu Facebook

UCU, for strikes to succeed you need to get students onside

The dramatic spike in tuition fees means we are effectively buying the services of the University. It seems odd that we have no interest in how our money is being spent.

Photo: Flickr@T J Morris

Russell Brand is wrong, apathy does not engender revolution

Mark Twain once said, “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.” I feel the frustration, but voting abstinence is not the path to utopia.

Photo: Flickr@Rosaura Ochoa

Trial by Twitter is harmful to justice

Christopher James argues the time has come to reconsider our social media ethics

Wormwood Scrubs. Photo: Flickr@Kradlum

Our prison system is corrupt and that should worry us all

Morris Seifert argues that we need a prison system inclined towards compassion not incarceration

The Standing section being trailed at Bristol City (Bird optional) Photo: @safestandingRS

Should we allow a return to standing in English football stadia?

YES- Thomas Turner I’m going to start this with a little game of Andrew Georgeson bingo. Get the full house, and the Mancunion Sport  will…

Photo: Selective Hearing vs. Hi Ku flyer

Preview: March Clubbing

This month’s highlights

Photo: Flickr user the-meadowlark

Live: Cage The Elephant

Cage The Elephant certainly put on a good show