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Clubbers in hospital after ceiling collapses at Factory 251

A large piece of plasterboard fell from the second floor ceiling


Seven people were taken to hospital after the ceiling collapsed at Factory 251.

Around 850 people were evacuated from the nightclub on Princess Street in the early hours of Friday (Feb 7th) morning after a large piece of plasterboard fell from the ceiling onto the dance floor.

Firefighters, police and ambulance crews arrived at the scene, but it is thought that no one was seriously hurt.

The roof came down on the second floor during Factory’s ‘F//CK Thursday’ night, which boasts “3 floors of Euphoria & Debauchery”.

However, club goers instead found themselves holding up the ceiling in pictures uploaded to social media.

On Twitter, University of Manchester Physiology student @Harry_Pettit_ said: “Dancing around holding a collapsed ceiling above my head, definitely a new experience.”

Another Twitter user, @priest_17 said: “As if a night at Factory wasn’t bad enough.”

In a statement on their Facebook page on Friday, Factory said: “Sincere apologies to anyone caught up in last night’s incident.

“A failed screwhead caused a piece of plasterboard to come loose. After inspection we’ve repaired the plasterboard and are pleased to announce it’s business as usual tonight.

“We welcome thousands of music lovers and clubbers to this historic building, a building we love, every week; your enjoyment is of utmost importance to us”.