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Oscars 2014 Predictions: Best Actress

Andriana believes that, for once, Meryl shouldn’t strip the other nominees away from the chance to win on Sunday night


This is Amy Adams’ 5th Oscar nomination and with her Golden Globe win for the same category, many are naming her the front runner in this tight race. Amongst her robust supporting roles against often scene stealing actors such as Joaquin Pheonix and fellow nominee Meryl Streep, American Hustle, whilst entertaining, lacked the depth of character for Adams to even be nominated for an Academy Award. If released any other time of year it would not have received half the recognition it has this awards season. Her performance was well executed and appropriate, but in no way noteworthy.

Cate Blanchett’s nomination for Blue Jasmine, whilst entirely justified, has been somewhat marred by the recently inflammation of the Woody Allen scandal. For some, her triumph or defeat in this category might be seen as a political decision, rather than based on her performance. Blanchett herself gave a captivating and chilling performance in Blue Jasmine that went a long way in bringing some credibility back to Woody Allen as a director and screenwriter, and for this, it would be a shame for her not to be recognised.

Many have doubted the acting skills of Sandra Bullock, often due to her sometimes frivolous career choices. But it cannot be questioned that she, alone, carried the visually stunning Gravity with vigour. The Blind Side was Bullock’s last nomination and win for an academy award, but she has been overlooked so far in this awards season. It seems unlikely that this will be a triumph for Bullock but there is always a chance of a surprise win.

Judi Dench captured the tenderness and heartache of this real life character in Philomena. This British film somewhat sneaked in under the radar due to the more monumental releases of the last 3 months. Judi Dench’s performance was more sensitive and subtle than her fellow nominees, which could work in her favour, but most likely not.

Meryl Streep’s performance in August: Osage County hasn’t received as much coverage this awards season as a usual Streep year, probably due to the distinct stench of “Oscar-bait”. Streep’s performance is, in my opinion, her usual over-baked, scene bulldozing affair. The film industries devotion to Meryl may see her go home with a statue but there are many more deserving women in this category, and it would be a shame for the name of Meryl to trump a good performance.