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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Under the Skin

Cornerhouse Pick of the Week: Under The Skin

While it won’t be for everyone, Film Editor Robbie Davidson recommends you seek out Under the Skin for a truly immersive experience

The Zero Theorem (2013), produced by Terry Gilliam

Review: The Zero Theorem

Martin found Terry GIlliam’s latest had very little new to say – a disappointment given the auteur’s reputation

X Men Days of Future Past preview

Preview: X Men: Days of Future Past

Jack looks ahead to the hotly anticipated X-Men sequel, uniting the casts of both generations of mutant films

Photo: The Weinstein Company

Top 5: Tarantino characters who should have been played by a different actor

James gives us his Inglorious Casters

Feature picture (BBFC)

Video Nasties

Tom talks blood, bureaucracy, flesh and classifications: how the BBFC has affected movies from Psycho to Philomena, Cannibal Holocaust to A Clockwork Orange

Contrary Corner (Animations)

Contrary Corner: animated gems you missed

Suraj thinks that instead of watching The Lion King for the umpteenth time, you should try one of the many lesser-known animated films you’ve likely overlooked


Bikini Body: Shape Bible

Kirsty Marsh on how to tailor your choice of bikini to your body shape

The UCAS Media website reads: 'We help them reach uni - we help you reach them'.

UCAS sells access to students’ personal details to advertisers

Company reportedly makes millions for selling access to the personal details of university applicants

Photo: Delvapp

Angry Birds publisher backs Manchester students’ new ‘hype’ app

App tells people ‘most hyped’ places to be on a night out

Prospectuses need more information on employment, income prospects and quality of teaching, according to the OFT. Photo: Balazs H @Flickr

University prospectuses sub par says OFT

The Office of Fair Trading finds no evidence of non-competitive practices at universities, but says they urgently need to improve the quality of information that applicants receive.

The People's Assembly were formed last year to fight against the Coalition government's austerity measures. Photo - OccupyMCR

UMSU General Secretary slams Osborne’s budget

The People’s Assembly held an anti-budget demonstration in the city centre last Wednesday

Labour have held a 5 per cent lead in the polls since 2012, despite growing signs of recovery in the economy. Photo - Policy@Manchester

Academics predict ‘voteless recovery’ for the Tories

Current trends show economic recovery is not translating into public opinion, according to a group of academics blogging on Policy@Manchester