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Let’s visit… Mexico

Do you like the sound of golden beaches, exploring a different culture and visiting some of the best nightclubs Central America has to offer? Amy Bowden says look no further than beautiful Mexico


I have travelled to both Riviera Maya and Cancun and had the time of my life there. Mexico is aesthetically pleasing to say the least: white sand, crystal clear waters and fantastic for its diverse nature and captivating history. The weather is just about as hot as the local cuisine, even in the rainy season, which lasts from May to September – but when it does rain during this time, it pours! However, this usually doesn’t last long at all, and it can be quite a relief after hours of baking in the sun.

My favourite thing about Mexico was the activities, my favourite place being Xel-Há, a natural aquarium considered to be one of the thirteen natural wonders of Mexico. This little gem was founded in 1841 and used to be one of the key ports of the Maya city. In Xel-Há there are more than ninety marine species and you can see them for yourself by snorkelling with them. For the more adventurous, you can also zip line, rope swing or hike through the jungle-like surroundings of Xel-Há and discover more about Mayan culture. There is truly nothing like it! While there, I ticked off a few things off my bucket list, one of them being swimming with dolphins. This was a fantastic experience and I felt so privileged to swim with such beautiful and intelligent animals.

Mexico is home to some interesting ancient ruins such as Chichen Itza and Tulum. If you’re into your history, these sites will take you back to the days when the Mayans ruled Mexico. These are just two of the most visited attractions by tourists, and both have a lot of history behind them.

Although I did go all-inclusive, as most hotels offer this and it was more convenient, I would encourage anyone to visit the local towns for authentic Mexican cuisine. Food in Mexico is mostly inexpensive and delicious! Taco stands and market stalls are also great places to try some traditional Mexican snacks if you’re feeling peckish after a long day at the beach.

Mexican people are very friendly to tourists and a lot of Mexican citizens speak English as well as Spanish. However, it wouldn’t hurt to learn a bit of Spanish (if you don’t already) whilst you’re there!

The nightlife in Mexico is my favorite out of anywhere I have been (including Manchester!). Coco Bongo’s nightclub is like a Las Vegas show and a nightclub rolled into one. The price of one ticket entitles transport, entry and an all-you-can-drink open bar– which means plenty of tequila shots. There are flying acrobats, Michael Jackson and Britney Spears tributes, confetti, soap bubbles, balloons and so much more. Coco Bongo’s was famed by the film ‘The Mask’ with Jim Carrey; is there really any better reason to go there?

I only visited a small part of Mexico, and I wish I had more time to see more places and do more things. Mexico has a lot to offer and I cannot praise it enough.