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Album: Starwalker – Losers Can Win

Continental Electro-pop meets Psychedelic Rock.


Released 31st March, 2014

Prototyp Recording


Some great Electro-pop is being produced on the continent right now and duo Starwalker are a great example of this. Releasing their highly anticipated debut EP ‘Losers Can Win’ on March 31st through Prototyp Recordings, the group consists of French electronica producer Jean-Benoit Dunckel (previously of world-renowned ambient outfit Air) and Icelandic composer Bardi Johannsson (Bang Gang).

Leading track ‘Losers Can Win’ sets the laid-back tone for the rest of the EP. Featuring Dutch-Israeli singer-songwriter Keren Ann, the vocals have a sweet tone interlaced with vocals from the duo themselves that sits well in the guitar driven ambience. Whilst, the lyrics leave something to be desired “it ain’t close to all that you’ve got/ you’ve got to make a new start”, the track makes for a catchy listen if you ignore lyrical content and judge it on conventions of traditional Electro-Pop that it seeks to be.

The second track on the EP however, is more of an interesting listen. ‘Bad Weather’ consists of overlapping piano riffs that build to a delirious climax reminiscent of LSD 60’s inspired psychedelic rock and these ideas are continued on the instrumental ‘Moral Sex’. This however, is arguably the weakest track on the EP. Creating a dreamy state in which melodies resemble nursery rhymes, the track only really gets going once snippets of electric guitar and processed vocals are added. Nevertheless it’s inclusion is an interesting addition and Starwalker must be applauded for their readiness to experiment with such lengthy instrumental development.

The most exciting track however, is undoubtably the remix of ‘Bad Weather’ by Icelandic electro-pop quartet Bloodgroup. This remix injects the original with rhythmic kicks and Congo drums to conclude the EP. The change of rhythmic setting transforms the original into a more-modern, House-inspired track that proves an infectious listen.

Overall, it’s an EP that won’t set your world alight but will certainly provide a great soundtrack if you’re feeling down.