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Live: Reverend & the Makers

Reverend & the Makers deliver a tight, career-spanning performance


5th March



Hot on the heels of their tour of fans’ living rooms and conservatories, Reverend and The Makers’ latest set of live shows saw them hit Manchester’s HMV Ritz on the 5th of March. The band delivered a tight, career-spanning performance of their trademark danceable indie rock in front of a packed crowd of their famously devoted fans.

Beginning with the lead of track from the newly released Thirty Two, ‘Detonator’, followed by the synth-heavy groove of ‘Bassline’, the band commanded the stage and the fans alike, with frontman and namesake Jon ‘The Reverend’ McClure displaying the Gallagher-esque swagger that first helped set the band apart from their contemporaries almost a decade ago.

Though Thirty Two was barely a fortnight old, the audience seemed to already have taken this new set of songs to heart, singing and bouncing along to them with almost the same fervour as classics such as ‘Heavyweight Champion of the World’, ‘The State of Things’ and fan-favourite ‘Shine A Light’. ‘Your Girl’, though much hyped and released as a teaser for the new album only weeks ago, was notable in its absence from the set list, left out in favour of more established concert staples in the vein of ‘He Said He Loved Me’ and the gently anthemic ‘No Soap In A Dirty War’.

‘Silence is Talking’ – the thunderous, trumpet-laden highlight of their second record A French Kiss In The Chaos – closed the main show, leaving fans to continue to chant its main melody as they left the venue and made their way across the street to see The Rev perform one of his acoustic roadside encores, culminating a sing-along cover of The Specials’ ‘A Message To You Rudy’.