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Makeup Scenario: The Job Interview

Beauty guru Millie tells us how to perfect makeup on the job


“You, but on a really good day”

To take inspiration from that Berocca advert, it’s needless to say that you’re turning up for a job interview with the aim to impress.  Indeed, your prospective employers will be sitting opposite you waiting to be impressed.  That winning first impression can be achieved through your makeup as well as the immaculate suit and shoes you bought for the occasion.  To counteract the soul destroying office environment and colour-washing strip lighting, opt for illuminating, radiant makeup to look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.  Leave the lip-liner, eyelash glue (and scouse brows) at home and instead think fresh skin and lower maintenance.  Swap in a lipstick for a hydrating gloss or lip stain, and sweep a tinted gel through your brows instead of picking up a pencil.  Few things would be more off-putting before a panel of suited managers than your false eyelashes slipping southwards and the fear of lipstick on your teeth…

Makeup for the long haul

Revlon Photoready Cream Blush £7.99

Revlon Photoready Cream Blush £7.99

It’s all fine and well to achieve this perfected, beautified, natural look before you set off in the morning but ideally it will still be there by lunch time.  One trick is layering:  Apply cream products first.  Cream eyeshadows and blushers are seeping into Boots at all price points and they provide a fresh-looking pop colour on top of your base.  Moreover, once set with powder products, you can guarantee your makeup will last that much long and wear in a less patchy fashion.  Waterproof mascara and eyeliner will also contribute to a long lasting face of makeup so you can minimise emergency trips to the office loos.

Create a capsule makeup bag

Add this cute addition to your handbag, small enough for just the essentials. Waldo Pancake £7.99

Add this cute addition to your handbag, small enough for just the essentials. Waldo Pancake £7.99

Without doubt take some essentials with you to touch up during the day, yet avoid dragging your entire makeup collection around in your handbag.  For risk of regular outings to the bathroom and an accumulation of cakey makeup and clumpy mascara, limit your stash instead to a just a powder, powder bronzer and blusher and a hydrating lip gloss or tinted balm.  These beauty tips, paired with your formidable CV, are bound to be a winning formula in any interview environment.