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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Photo Credit: Diane Samuels UK Tour

Review: Kindertransport

Carys Lapwood reviews Kindertransport at The Manchester Opera House

Darkside Photo: Alex Fenton

Live: Darkside

As modern electronic music progresses, Darkside are well and truly paving the way

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Album: Shakira – Shakira

‘Shakira’ is by no means a slump in standard

Photo: Press shot

Interview: Eagulls

Alex Daniel talks with Rock five-piece Eagulls about battles with music press, sexism and tattoos of Bill Murray.

The setting of such grief Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Top 5 Songs… for the Stages of Grief (University Work Edition)

Jack Bittiner gives a soundtrack to getting through an essay

Photo: David Lampe

Live: Bombay Bicycle Club

Bombay Bicycle Club did not disappoint loyal fans

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Live: Elyar Fox

Elyar Fox is for those into that Bieber look and One-Direction styled songs

Photo: Flick user hdzimmermann

Opinion: Who’s afraid of the big, bad internet?

Lowell Clarke considers the impact of the internet on the evolution of music

Photo: Band logo

Live: Amber Run

Amber Run’s strength lies their emotive, almost eerie resonance

Photo: Kai Lyu

Live: Deaf Havana

The band’s twangy, acoustic rock came across clear and concisely

Photo: MattWPBS @Flickr

Live: Eagulls

It was like watching an overly enthusiastic kid’s rock band play at a formal school concert

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

From the Vault: Weezer – Weezer

For your average nerdy and angst-ridden teenager, Weezer certainly ticks all the boxes