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From the Vault: Splipknot – Iowa

Heavy Metal stalwarts Slipknot have had a rough few years following their latest release in 2008, but it’s time to step back to 2001 and take a look at one of the most definitive records of the century


Released 28th August, 2001

Roadrunner Records

Paggered from the ruthless touring following 1999’s classic self-titled album, the knot weren’t short of angst or passion to inject into a new groundbreaking release. Thus came the birthchild of ‘’the darkest time in the band’s career’’ Iowa, a thunderous, hour and six minute long tour de crunch. The masterpiece opens with the deeply disturbing yet infectiously foreboding edited screams of ‘‘death’’ over and over followed by the opening riffs of the fast-paced banger ‘Disasterpiece.’ This sets the stall out for the album with blast beats and randomly allocated howls of terror, leading to the opening of the musical floodgates with frontman Corey Taylor belting out ‘’Here we go again motherfucker!’’

The momentum from ‘Disasterpiece’ is maintained throughout the next few tracks, which includes the slightly more melodic ‘My Plague’ and the controversial ‘The Heretic Anthem.’ Both acted as singles for the promotion of Iowa, the latter was originally slated to become the radio friendly sell out single to push Slipknot into the mainstream stratosphere, but the non-compromising nine responded with their most brutal song to date!  Beyond track five the album starts to mediate between the usual brutality and some experimental showmanship, but the album does not take a nose dive by any means, and we see some of Slipknot’s finest moments in ‘I Am Hated,’ ‘Left Behind’ and ‘New Abortion.’

Naturally, Iowa is not an album that boasts perfection, if anything it finds its feet in the opposite. It is flawed, underpolished and oddly structured, but it holds an everlasting essence of sheer destruction and leaves the listener energised and invigorated with the emotion that only Iowa’s boys can deliver. Watch out for the Knot’s eagerly anticipated return this year to see if they can still kick it like they did back in ’01. Stay (sic) maggots.