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Top 5 Songs… for the Stages of Grief (University Work Edition)

Jack Bittiner gives a soundtrack to getting through an essay


1. Sugababes – Denial

Step-1: Denial. Bury your head in the sand. You’ve got loads of time to do all your work. Sugababes will make it all go away.

2. Limp Bizkit – Break Stuff

Step-2: Anger. You just discovered you have another assignment due in for next week. It’s time to take it out on your friends and personal belongings.

3. The Who – Bargain

Step-3: Bargaining. You need more time! You promise yourself you won’t go out for the next month. You just need to get an extension first.

4. Adele – Someone Like You

Step-4: Depression. What’s the point? You’ve left it too late. It’s time to settle for a third class degree and listen to Adele and cry.

5. The Beatles – Here comes the Sun

Step-5: Acceptance. You got through it. Sure, you didn’t do well but now you’re free. Go drown your sorrows with a nice cold beer.