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Interview: Huxley

We sat down with House producer and Saints & Sonnets boss Huxley in anticipation for his set at Sankeys next Friday.


As boss of the increasingly high profile label Saints & Sonnets and a producer praised for astounding versatility in his own right, Huxley is one of the most influential tastemakers in House today. In anticipation to his set at Sankeys Manchester on the 16th May, I sat down with Huxley himself to discuss his newest track ‘Real’, sets on Rinse FM and any future collaborations in the pipeline.

How did the collaboration with Jack Wilby on Real come about? Can you tell me a bit about the creative process behind that track?

Jack and I were actually brought together via a mutual acquaintance. We’ve been working on various stuff over the last year or something. ‘Real’ actually started life as the track I did for Fact Mag where I had to make a track in 10 minutes. I was basically sitting down and it came on randomly on my iTunes shuffle. I just got the urge to finish it. So I worked on the track a bit more, sent it to Jack and he came back to me with the vocals with in a day or two. I’m really happy with the outcome and I thought because of the origin of the track, it would be cool to give it away for free.

You’re undoubtedly known as having one of the most versatile production styles. How does your creative process differ when you’re producing a more bass heavy instrumental compared to a vocally driven track like ‘Let It Go’ or ‘Real’?

I guess it’s less time spent on the keys and more time spent on getting something a bit more raw. I’ve always loved both styles of record and wouldn’t want to limit myself to just one vibe. I have no problem if that’s your vibe, but it would bore me to death to make the same sounding record over and over again. Lots of things can effect what I want to make at the time – mood, weather, inspiration, time of day. I would say though that I normally build up my tracks in the same way, from the rhythm upwards.

I loved your sets for Rinse earlier this year. How do you go about choosing what tracks to play and what are the top three producers that you’re feeling at the moment?

Thanks a lot! For a while I was wondering if anyone was actually listening to me. It seems to really be going well now though, and the guys at Rinse are wicked. In terms of choosing the tracks, I guess I just pick what I like at the time, I think most of the emphasis is on new music, but I love mixing that up with stuff people might not have heard for a while or whatever. As for 3 producers right now? De Sluwe Vos, Marquis Hawkes & Mr. G.

You’ve been producing for a long time now. When was the moment when you realised that you had made it? How did it feel to have your first releases on Cécille and Tsuba?

I still don’t think I have really. Not to the level I want to anyway. I think once you are satisfied with where you’re at, or what you’re doing that’s when you can become your own worst problem and get lazy. It’s nice that I’m able to make a career for the moment though! The feeling was great. I couldn’t believe that they wanted our first tracks. I still massively respect what Nick and Kev do with their labels and their DJing.

How has having your own label affected your creative process, do you feel more free in what you can do creatively now than in the past?

I don’t know if it’s effected my own creative process, but it’s definitely made me keep my ear to the ground a lot more to hunt out new and exciting artists. we’ve got loads of great music coming up from up and comers and established acts. To be honest, at the moment I’m not releasing much on my own label as it’s more of an outlet for what myself and Jimmy (my label partner) are feeling and want to get out there. I didn’t want the whole thing to just be about me, plus i find it hard to promote my own music enthusiastically. However, Saints & Sonnets have lots of stuff coming up at the moment. We’ve got music from Gerry Reid, Adesse, Jabru, Paco Wegmann, Three Bar and loads more. I’m feeling a bit more into it now than I was in the last 4 months.

Do you have any other exciting collaborations or projects in the pipeline? Can we ever expect another collaboration with Ethyl?

I have been working with a lot of people lately and a few more lined up as well, but i can’t talk about that yet unfortunately! To be honest me and Tim (ethyl) haven’t got any plans to get in the studio, but who knows maybe in the future, we’ve never ruled it out!

What can we expect from your set at Sankeys on the 16th May?

Lots of great music. A typical Huxley mixture of House, Techno and whatever!

Catch Huxley’s set at Sankeys on the 16th May alongside Citizen, Medlar and Jimmy Switch by grabbing your ticket HERE.