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Sexual health and sexual help at university

Sexually active? These services will offer help such as contraception, advice and information.


Face it: at university, sex happens. If you’re up all night to get lucky it’s worth knowing about these resources.

1. The Doctor (register with one now)

Where? Most Halls when you arrive and at Freshers’ Fair (17th-18th September) at the Students’ Union and Academy.

Even if you miss these, the Students; Union can give you information about where your local doctor is to sign up.

Why? You can immediately make an appointment with your doctor if you have any sexual health concerns. Most surgeries have dedicated sexual health clinics which are worth finding out about as waiting lists for doctors can be long.


2. Students’ Union Advice Service

Where? Ground Floor of the Students’ Union – ask at the reception desk if unsure.

Why? Free condoms and femidoms. Go and check it out as they probably have other crazy stuff as well. You can see an advisor for free and confidential advice about any matter relating to sexual health: pregnancy, sexuality, the lot.

When? Mon-Fri 10am-4pm. Drop in or book.

Contact: 0161 275 2952


3. University of Manchester Counselling Service

What? Free and confidential help from professional counsellors and psychotherapists on sexual wellbeing and relationships for all University of Manchester students – no matter is too small!

Contact: 0161 275 2864 (9am-4pm Weekdays)


4. Manchester Centre for Sexual Health

What? Probably the closest and most comprehensive, friendly sexual health service. STI tests, treatments, Family Planning clinics and HIV clinics, counselling, sexual health and contraception advice.

Where? The Hathersage Centre, 280 Upper Brook Street, Manchester, M13 0FH

Where? From Oxford Road turn down Hathersage Road on the corner of the closed “Varsity” pub opposite Whitworth park, continue until you come to the cross roads with Upper Brook Street. The centre is the modern building on the corner with green tinted windows.

Tip: If you’re pushed for time, make an appointment. For the Walk-in service, make sure you get there 15 minutes before it opens as there’s usually a queue outside. Manchester is obviously having lots of sex.


Appointments: 0161 276 5200 or call into reception.

Trivia: the centre featured on BBC3 show “Unsafe Sex in the City”.


5. LGBTQ Society

What? Society ran by University of Manchester students providing support, advice and social events for anyone who defines as LGBTQ—the Q stands for questioning.

Where? The society will undoubtedly have a bright and colorful presence at Freshers’ Fair, so go over and have a chat to find out what they do and all about their Welcome Week events.




6. Online Resources

This NHS site is a hub of information about everything sexual health related. Imagine the hours of procrastination afforded by reading about ‘Sex as you get Older’ and ‘Financial Problems and Relationships’.


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