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Get on Board: University of Manchester Drama Society

Fancy a bit of drama? The Students’ Union offers a variety of performance societies, stay tuned every week to find out more about the people in front and behind the scenes.


Acting has a number of benefits such as boosting your confidence, unleashing your creativity and getting better at public speaking and teamwork; your course mates will be thankful at the next group work project. If those facts didn’t convince you yet, you will at least make great friends at socials and might forget your exam and deadline stress. I spoke to Emily Gatehouse, the chair of The Manchester University Drama Society (UMDS) to find out more about the society and its activities.

The society is popular with over 1000 members on Facebook and with around 290 active members last year. A number of plays are rehearsed, written and performed in a fun and mock-professional environment. In the first semester, the society showcases a Freshers’ Play, performed and organised by only Freshers and in November, three selected plays will be performed which were submitted by society members.

The focus in the second semester is on the quickly sold out Manchester’s In-Fringe Theatre Awards (MIFTAs). They include seven plays which are judged by a selected panel with a chance to win awards. It already sounds like a lot of drama, but there’s more in stall with monologue and duologue showcases, writing competitions and the chance to perform in the Contact Theatre. The society also fulfils your social needs with regular socials, fundraisers, a trip to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and a Drama Society ball.

Yearly membership: £8

Welcome Party: Monday 22nd September at 256 in Fallowfield

Join the society online: Students’ Union, Facebook