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Fresher’s Week Makeup Look

Looking back on my own first year Fresher’s week I cringe at my toothpick brows, patchy foundation and caterpillar falsies. To avoid my own beauty crimes, here’s a fail-safe, striking and simple beauty look that will turn heads for all the right reasons during this week’s festivities.


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1. After priming your lids to create a smooth base, apply a rich mahogany shade allover the lid with a fluffy brush, blending out towards the brow bone.

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2. Define your inner creases with a more intense shade and firmer brush, blending well to avoid patchiness. Bring this same shade underneath the eye  before highlighting your inner corners with an illuminating pigment and applying mascara and liquid liner.


3. Finally fill in you your lips with a crimson matter liner, enhancing the areas that you choose. This will ensure that your perfect pout stays in place for the entire evening. Finish off with a lick of your favourite deep red, set everything with a mattifying powder, and you’re good to go!