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Top 5: Single Location Movies

From James Franco having a rocky few days to Ryan Reynolds lying six feet under with decent phone reception. Here are Martin Solibakke’s picks for the best movies in this niche genre.


5. Phone Booth (2002)

Hell breaks lose for Stu (Colin Farrell) when he answers the phone in a phone booth in New York and realises a sniper wants him dead. The next hour of the film shows his attempt to keep the sniper on the other end, who seems to know a lot about Stu, from pulling the trigger.


4. 127 Hours (2002)

Based on a true story, the film follows a canyoneer and his worst nightmare as he gets his arm stuck under a boulder. The eccentric James Franco plays the lead role brilliantly, and makes sure the film hits your nerves.


3. Lebanon (2009)

This powerful Israeli anti-war film is likely to be one of the best you have never seen. This fictional masterpiece is exclusively filmed inside a military tank with its crew during the 1982 Lebanon war, and is as brutal as it is realistic.


2. Lifeboat (1944)

Writing about single location movies without mentioning Alfred Hitchcock would be like talking about overrated bands without mentioning Green Day. Several of his films could have made this list, but in this lesser-known Hitchcock-film survivals are stuck on a lifeboat after their ships are sunk in combat.


1. Buried (2010)

What does a director need to make one of the most claustrophobic and nail-biting films of all time?

A Zippo lighter, a BlackBerry and a Ryan Reynolds buried alive in Iraq, desperately trying to find a way out.

Watch and learn, Michael Bay.